HWg-STE: Online Demo

General Setup

Name Value Description
Device Name 0 to 24 characters
WWW Info Text
Temperature unit Celsius/Fahrenheit/Kelvin
Periodic restart Periodic restart time
Web refresh [s] Automatic refresh period of the main web page.
LLDP LLDP Enable/Disable
LLDP Asset ID 0 to 16 characters
LLDP System Description 0 to 16 characters
Name Value Description
DHCP DHCP Enable/Disable
IP Address A.B.C.D
Network Mask A.B.C.D
Gateway A.B.C.D
DNS Primary A.B.C.D
DNS Secondary A.B.C.D
HTTP Port Default 80
Outgoing ping
Name Value Description
Target IP Address A.B.C.D
Ping Timeout Sec Ping timeout, 0 = disable
Security: Device Admin
Name Value Description
Username Admin username/password for device configuration changes
[0 to 16 characters]

HWg-STE:For more information try www.hw-group.com